Four Belles Labrador Retrievers

About Us

We are a small hobby breeder located east of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

We will only breed AKC registered Bench (English) Labradors. 

Currently we only breed the Yellows (creams, snow whites & yellows). 

Our journey started when I met my cousin's English Labrador Retriever "Lilly" who resides in California.  My cousin has Parkinson's Disease and Lilly was right beside her the whole time.  She was the most loving, attentive, gentle soul, therapy dog I had ever met.  When I returned home I knew I wanted one of these gentle giants so I started my search and found the love of our lives in 2019.

We started our adventure for the love of the breed and what joy they can bring to families either as a pet, show dog, a hunter or a therapy dog. We love the temperament of the breed, the big goofiness, family friendly, loyal dogs that they are.  We just want to share our love for this breed with others.

Our labs are pets first and lives in our home right next to us. When we raise a litter the puppies are also raised inside our home, right in the middle of the living room! We do this so we can give them lots of love and attention they need to grow and become the best puppies possible. All of our puppies are full English, health tested, easy to train, display a beautiful coat and exhibit a calm demeanor.

According to the AKC there are ONLY three standard colors of the Labrador



Yellow  (from Fox Red, Light Cream to White)


and we will NOT work with any breeder who breeds or has ever bred silvers or dilutes!