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Michelle McHugh, NY

I had come across a Facebook Post from Robin Farrington from Four Belles Labradors and saw that they were expecting a litter in March. After seeing how beautiful the mom dog was and how handsome the dad was, I texted Robin Farrington. She immediately contacted me back and she was extremely informative, friendly, and up front. I was interested in getting a male, but she was unsure if there would be a male in the litter. However, on 3/8/22, Robin texted me a picture of the first born and it was a male and we were in love! From that day forward, I cannot say enough about Robin. She sent us pictures every day of our baby growing. She sent us informative articles, tips and tricks on how to raise a puppy. She really made us feel like family and as if we were there watching our baby grow. We got our big, beautiful boy on 5/11/22 and after getting him checked, our vet stated he is perfect, and he really is. He has a beautiful white color, blocky head, otter tail, wonderful temperament, and most of all is really happy and is always smiling. Thank you to Robin and her family for raising a perfect puppy and sharing a wonderful experience with our family!

My Experience...

This was the best experience other than having my own babies that I have ever experienced!

Months before we bred Belle I did a lot of research, read many books, spoke to other breeders/mentors and many consultations with our veterinarian and the reproductive veterinarian. We had Belle's DNA tested to insure non-dilute and not a carrier of other harmful traits, she passed her OFA's and physical to insure she would be okay to breed.

Now the research for the RIGHT stud! This is hard work he must come from a good pedigree; AKC registered; if he has any titles even better; passed his OFA's; not a carrier of any harmful DNA traits and dilute FREE. The stud is chosen; the contract is processed, and everyone is on stand-by. The waiting begins.

The day finally comes... Belle is in season I quickly contacted the owner of the stud to let them know. Many trips to the repo-vet for progestogen tests and finally get the okay to have the collection sent – today is the day! 24hrs later the AI is performed and again more waiting!

Day 32 confirmation ultra-sound done and yes Belle is pregnant! Time to purchase the whelping box, supplies, set up the room and MORE research!

Day 56-59! Temp starts to drop, Belle is digging massive hole in backyard, nesting skills are kicking in. Day 60, March 8th around 1:30p I called my birthing assistances and inform them she's in labor! From 5:00p to 8:50p we were very busy catching pups as Belle delivered. Four girls / one boy all healthy, weighing in from 1 pound to 1.4 pounds. You breathe. You sit for a moment and reflect on what just happened and thank GOD for this amazing experience and miracle…

The next 8-9 weeks were amazing, hard, lack of sleep, joyful, lots of work, lots of love, lots of cleaning and sometimes a blur, not for the lighthearted. All while continuing to work full-time from home. Watching Belle become a mom and seeing her natural instincts kick in gave us a peace of mind. She played, she nursed, she cleaned, and she protected. She never once snapped at any of them even when they were a little rough on her; she was a great mommy. I thank God for my family who all chipped in especially the first weeks. We stood watch to make sure no one got hurt by Belle rolling on them, yes this meant someone was up in the wee hours of the night/morning.

Then the time came to find their forever homes. Many phone calls, text, emails, lots of questions by me and the prospective owners. I sent lots of pictures and videos to the owners. I tried my best to make sure they were well informed on how the puppies were progressing (probably a little too much at times). I felt we were family before they even came to pick up their babies!

I've been asked how you can do this... Breed, raise and then let them go? My answer is... when I look into the owner's eyes and witness the excitement and love on the day of pick up it's so worth it. You can see the love, the immediate bond between them both and you know they are going home to great families. And this is why I will continue to breed!!

Hill Family, VA

Our family has had the most wonderful experience working with Four Belles Labrador Retrievers. We started our search for the right breeder a year before we were ready to bring home another puppy. After doing a lot of research, we committed to working with Robin because of the ease of communication, development of a personal connection, and of course how beautiful Belle and her past litters are. Bringing home our sweet Otis has been an absolute joy. He has been the most well behaved, easy to train Labrador puppy we’ve ever had. Not only are his mannerisms top notch, he is absolutely stunning in appearance. Our big ol’ boy gets compliments by many, including his veterinarian who is impressed by his appearance, behavior, and size. We of course think he’s just perfect for our family. He has fit in easily with our 3 boys, 2 cats, and all of the wildlife on our property that he observes. Otis is thriving with his daily gun dog training sessions and will soon be ready to help the boys with dove, duck, pheasant, and quail retrieval soon! We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Robin and Four Belles Labrador Retrievers! 9/2023