Four Belles Labrador Retrievers

Deposit / Pricing Information

The purchase price for limited registration is $2,500 with a $300 deposit required in advance.  You will be placed on the waiting list in the order of received deposit and the choosing order will follow in that matter.  

We will start taking deposits after the litter is born.

Deposits are non-refundable.  (This does not apply if you are unable to pick the sex of your choice because of non-availability or litter quantity.) 

We do not ship or deliver pups; you must make arrangements for picking up the puppy.  We will accept visits to see the puppies after they have reached a certain age.  Special guidelines will apply.   You may send check, cashiers check, or money order; or you can send by Zelle. Contact information is below.

Text or email Robin for more information.


Details / Guarantee

Puppies will come with vet checks, immunizations and deworming, and a health record.  They will have a puppy pack, AKC paperwork, and will be guaranteed from sickness or deformity for 10 days after pickup at eight weeks of age.  Should either occur and be verified by a licensed veterinarian - you will be placed on a waiting list for the first choice from the next litter.  Vet check and scheduled immunizations and deworming are recommended after you take your puppy home within 72 hours (Examination Period). 

Contract will state more information.



Your puppy will go through the "Puppy Culture" training.
Their first 8 weeks of life they will go through:
* Early Neurological Stimulation
* Lots of Cuddling and Holding
* Acclimated to Household Sounds (vacuum, blow dryer, radio, TV, etc..)
* Introduced to Crates/Kennels
* Introduced to Potty Training (it takes a puppy a full 3-4 months before fully trained - patience is required)
* Socialization Skills Development

Puppies are Here!!

Arrived Sunday, February 11, 2024

All Boys (5)